Sunday, February 17, 2019

Where is Travel Sabbatical?! Find Us At Facebook

Dear Travel Sabbatical fans - since our return from our almost-one-year sabbatical in 2012, we’ve returned to the usual routine of life, getting back to our careers, working lots, and saving for our nest egg with the hopes that we can expatriate as early retirees to a sunny town some day. Meanwhile, we have been taking international trips each year and all those travel blogs can be found at our Facebook Travel Sabbatical blog. We have lots of great pictures and blogging on Portugal, Myanmar, Jordan, China, Mexico City, (back to) Ecuador, Lebanon, and Egypt.  We recently celebrated our 40th country (Egypt) of independent travel and counting!

We are plotting another break again with a whole new list of countries to visit.  Stay tuned and this blog will be resurrected again with Travel Sabbatical 2.0!