Monday, December 26, 2011

Creating Web Profiles -

I went ahead and created an airbnb online profile. Why now? I think it takes some effort and thought into creating a profile that resonates with other members who may be willing to rent their space to us. We don't want to sound creepy or suspicious or anything! Also, the profile reveals your track record and how long you've been a member. I figure, it's better to start building a long-standing membership profile now, hoping for good reviews and references. Next? Set up some house sitter profiles. You never know when we can jump on an opportunity overseas to house sit.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maintaining Health Insurance During a Career Break. Who Knew There Were So Many Considerations!

Although we feel our travel insurance would be adequate while traveling, what happens if one of us needs medical attention and we are sent back to the States?  Unfortunately, travel insurance typically ends as soon as you land on U.S. soil.  A more likely scenario is upon our return where there is a vulnerable period where the travel insurance will no longer protect us, yet we may not be employed in order to qualify for employer-provided-healthcare.  Even if we did find employment, there may be a pre-existing condition clause with a waiting period on that policy.  Either way, we would be uninsured when we return to our “real” lives – something that makes us very nervous. 

One way to avoid being uninsured when we return is to maintain continuous coverage in the States during our absence.  Sounds easy enough, but apparently it’s very complicated.  A couple of excellent blogs have helped highlight some of the complexities with health insurance in the States.  Both blogs are available through the Meet, Plan, Go website.  They are both, a “must read”:  TravelHealth Insurance Providing Creditable Coverage and HealthInsurance for American Travelers.   Frankly, we hadn’t even thought about needing to maintain health insurance in the States while we travel, but after reading these blogs, we definitely think that is the way to go. 

Let us break it down for you.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quotes We Like

"Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves." -Euripedes

Quotes We Like

On courage...

"Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be." -Clementine Paddleford

International Power Plugs

When using electronics from the US in other countries, you need to ensure you have a converter to convert the foreign voltage and frequency to US standards (110v & 60hz); otherwise, you will run the risk of frying your electrical item since most other countries use voltage greater than 110v.  Also, you will need adapters so your US plugs will be able to actually plug into the sockets in foreign countries.   The only electrical items we will carry are our iPhones.  Luckily, Apple had the forethought to make the standard USB plug converter that comes standard with most apple products - including iPhones - capable of running on voltage from 110v to 240v and both standard frequencies (50hz & 60hz).  So, we will not need an actual converter; only the adapters to allow us to plug it in. 

I used the following web site to help determine which plugs/sockets are used in the over 20 countries we plan to visit so we could get those adapters.

Although a lot of the countries we will visit have different sockets, the European "C" plug is compatible with most of them.  The "C" doesn't work in the US or Japan, but that is okay since our normal plugs work there. The only adapters we think we will need are the "C" and the "I" that is used in Argentina. We could just buy simple adapters fairly cheap, but we bought the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit for ~$40. It has more adapters than we need, but felt more comfortable using the Apple products since we know the quality is great and they are made to work specifically with Apple products. 

We could probably get by with just one set of adapters, but we'll plan on two sets so we can charge both our phones at one time.  No need to start friction on who gets to charge first. I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunites for disagreement along the way :)

P.S. Since the iphones coverter is actually connected via an USB cord, you could also just plug that into any computer to charge the iPhones.