Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 1: R&R in Alabama

My motto for the past several months has literally been, "I can sleep later."  We have been very busy finalizing trip plans, making sure everything on the home-front was going to be taken care of, finishing up all of our projects and responsibilities at work, and saying goodbyes to all our friends and family.  Since all that is behind us now, we CAN actually sleep, and the best place for rest and relaxation is in Alabama at our parents' home.  Their home is synonymous with peace, quiet, relaxation, lazy ol' summer day, watching-the-world-go-by, kind of place.  I cannot think of a better place to unwind from the acceleration trap of work.

We love the cows grazing, the dirt roads, watching corn and asparagus grow, the wrap-around porch, walks around the pasture and pond, and hanging out with our family.

This is what we plan on doing for the upcoming week - slowly detach from our fast paced lives to make room for all that we are about to experience in our Sabbatical.  [A]