Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meeting Our Friends Around the World

It seems our friends have caught the travel bug also, and a few of them will be meeting us abroad! A group of our girlfriends will be joining us in Tokyo for about 12 days on our first leg of our trip. I've played host to many friends who have made the trek to Japan with me over the past 20 years, and it never gets old. I am always excited and giddy with anticipation of what they are going to experience. Can't wait to see the 3 blondes and a brunette running around the city! So, more information on that adventure in May.Come to find out, after discussing our itinerary with people, a co-worker of mine will be trekking Machu Picchu 2 days after we are! Even though our paths wont't cross in Machu Picchu, wouldn't it be awesome if our trips crossed somewhere around the towns below Machu Picchu? Gotta work on that.We're also meeting up with a group of friends in Spain and Morocco. They are taking a summer vacation to these parts and renting a condo through their timeshare in a nice resort over looking the Spanish Riviera in August. We, after having trekked around in South America for 2 months may be ready for some luxury by crashing their pad for a few days. We'll definitely be ready to see some familiar faces and speak English to someone else than each other by then. Another friend expressed interest in meeting us in Instanbul, Turkey. That would be a nice surprise as well. Anyone else out there who would like to meet us on the other side of the world? We would love to see you. We'll be in Ecuador and Peru in June/July, Argentina in August, navigating our way from Spain and Morocco to Eastern Europe and Turkey for the months of August and September, then finishing off in southeast Asia (Thailand and Vietnam) in October and November.