Sunday, January 22, 2012

100-Day Countdown!

100 days until our lives are downsized into a small backpack, with only our passports, a few days worth of clothes, and our electronic gadgetry to stay in touch with the world from wherever we will be. A few more details to sort out, but we are mentally ready. Physically? Well, perhaps something we should focus on over the next 100 days. :) For starters, we'll be doing a lot of walking around with luggage on our backs, not to mention the trek to Machu Picchu. However, by virtue of traveling, we should slowly 'get in shape,' since we won't have a car - we have to rely on walking a lot. We won't have a refrigerator where we have unlimited food to graze on at all hours; and we won't have a comfy couch to sit on with weeks worth of TV programs to catch-up on. We anticipate being a lot more active as part of our new routine. We won't have much, but it sure sounds a lot healthier than our current state of affairs. Can't wait.